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Why Should You Work With a Personal Injury Lawyer?

Marietta Car Accident Injury

Often, accident victims wonder if hiring a lawyer is the right move after being injured. Here are some reasons people hire personal injury attorneys and how you can get quality legal support after being injured. 

To Better Understand Your Rights After an Injury  

First, it’s important that you have at least basic knowledge of what your legal rights are after being hurt in an accident someone else caused. Contacting a lawyer, even just to ask a few questions, can help you understand how to pursue compensation and how you can protect your rights when working with insurance companies or litigating.

To Get Help Putting Evidence Together  

Next, it’s important to find out what evidence exists in your case and how it may be able to be used to strengthen your argument. For example, you’ll need to obtain medical records that document your injury and any police reports that exist from the scene of the accident. If witness statements or video footage of the accident is available, it may also be used.

To Work With Insurance Adjusters For You 

Working with your insurance company after an accident can be nerve-wracking and exhausting. When an accident attorney is on your case, they take over dealing with insurance adjusters instead of you, so the insurance company has to contact them directly to discuss your case. This lets you focus on healing.

To Help You Get Quality Medical Care  

Accident attorneys typically have connections to good hospitals and doctors that know how important it is to adequately document an accident victim’s injuries in a way that can be used to pursue compensation. Your lawyer can help you with obtaining necessary medical assistance from trustworthy providers.

To Help You Pursue a Lawsuit 

If you can’t get the insurance company to agree to issue you a fair settlement, litigation may be the next best step to get the compensation you deserve. An experienced injury lawyer can help advocate for you to obtain the maximum available settlement.

Call Experienced Marrieta Injury Attorney Gregory Cobb Now 

Were you or someone you love injured in an accident caused by someone else’s carelessness or negligence? You may be able to seek financial restitution to cover the damages you’ve incurred, such as hospital bills, lost wages, and pain and suffering. Don’t wait to get legal help after an accident that has left you or a loved one hurt. Contact seasoned Georgia injury lawyer today at: 770.627.3221

By : Cobb Defense | September 22, 2020 | Personal Injury

Should You Accept A Settlement For Your Personal Injury?


Were you injured in an accident?

You may have been contacted by the responsible parties insurance company. If you haven’t, it may only be a matter of time. Insurance carriers are popular for making low-ball settlements early on in the process in order to avoid larger payouts.

Offering You Fair Money

Despite what the title above says, that is almost nothing fair about fair money.  When an insurance company puts an offer on the table that they qualify as “fair money” it is legal for you to accept such an offer, however, in many cases, injury victims do not understand what is fair in their case.

Compensation Offered

Fair money is a sum of compensation that is offered as a result of damages that you incurred as a result of your accident injuries. This can encompass a variety of “damages” such as; property damages, lost wages, medical bills, other economic loss as well as pain and suffering.

When an insurance company offers you any form of financial payment, it is not likely that you will be able to calculate both short and long terms financial needs, more will you be able to understand the overall economic impact on all facets of your life. An experienced personal injury attorney can give you a better understanding of what should be covered and how best to help you get the resolution that you deserve under New York law.

Do Not Accept a Settlement Without A Personal Injury Lawyer

While you can be an educated accountant or financial planner, understanding what fair money is in your own particular case can be complex. You may attempt to calculate all of your bills, loss of income, and property damage but there are areas where only an experienced personal injury attorney can assist you with estimating what is actually fair. This can be a complicated process that should not be rushed through as once you accept any funds, you will not be able to come back later and tell a judge that you did not know any better. You do not and will not know the extent of your injuries early on in your case, some related injuries or the extent of the damage will not surface until much later. In effect, you do not know what income loss can lead to the loss of future opportunities that may be missed for unexpected surgeries or other unforeseen implications resulting from your accident injury.

Get Qualified Personal Injury Help, Call Scott Cerbin Today.



By : Cobb Defense | July 16, 2020 | Personal Injury

Are There Different Forms of Distracted Driving?


While texting and driving is the most well-known type of distraction (and arguably the most dangerous), there are multiple forms of distracted driving that should be guarded against. Here are four types of distracted driving that you should be aware of, how to reduce distractions behind the wheel, and how to get legal help after an accident. 

Visual (Sight)

One of the most dangerous forms of distraction is visual, or distractions that engage the sense of sight. This results in a driver taking their eyes off the road, which can be catastrophic in a matter of seconds. For example, texting requires you to look down at your phone to read messages and to watch your fingers as you type replies. Other visual distractions could be colorful signs outside or watching children in the backseat via the rearview mirror. 

Auditory (Sound)

Another type of distraction while driving is auditory, or things you can hear. Auditory distractions most often take place inside the car but can occur outside as well. If, for example, your windows are down and another vehicle is playing loud music, this can distract you from the sounds of traffic around you. Internal auditory distractions are usually loud music and passengers talking or arguing. 

Manual (Touch) 

There’s a lot of things in your car you can touch, and all of them are manual distractions. Rolling down your window and changing the radio are manual distractions, however, they’re unlikely to cause an accident. Other distractions, like eating and driving, putting on makeup on or texting carries a much higher risk. 

Cognitive (Thought)

Distractions can also be something you think about. If you’ve ever caught yourself daydreaming for a few seconds behind the wheel, you know that it typically only lasts a few seconds. A couple of seconds is all that’s needed to cause a car accident. Avoid daydreaming by maintaining focus on the road — try narrating what you see out loud. 

Were You Injured in a Distracted Driving Collision? Contact Us 

Even though drivers have a responsibility to ensure they aren’t distracted while on the road, distracted driving accidents are unfortunately common. Whether a fender bender or a collision that results in severe injury or even death, the person at fault should be held liable for their negligence. Gregory Chancy has extensive Personal Injury Law experience working with clients who have been the victim of distracted driving and their families, and we’re committed to continuing to support them. Call today for an appointment.

By : Cobb Defense | December 13, 2019 | Personal Injury

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Why Should You Work With a Personal Injury Lawyer?

Often, accident victims wonder if hiring a lawyer is the right move after being injured. Here are some reasons people hire personal injury attorneys and how you can get quality legal support after being injured.  To Better Understand Your Rights After an Injury   First, it’s important that you have at least basic knowledge of what Read More