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The days of analog radios and paper maps are long behind us. The surge in technological advancements over the past decades has brought a wealth of in-car tech. infotainment systems, navigation, and built in cameras have drastically changed the way we drive. Cameras allow us to back out of tight spots without fear of being rear ended. Some, more advanced camera systems, will even help to prevent you from colliding with a vehicle that makes a sudden stop. Navigation helps us reach our destination with audible cues, keeping our eyes on the road. Hands free phone technology allows us to communicate without lessening our ability to steer our vehicles safely.

These developments have undoubtedly created a safer driving experience, but they have also increased the propensity for distracted driving. The touch screens that are integrated into all of these systems, can steal a driver’s attention, creating dangerous situations.

Distracted driving is not a new occurrence created by this type of technology. It is more accurately, an attempt to resolve the issue. Since the rise of smart phones, distracted driving accidents have increased. Many states and cities have passed laws restricting the use of handheld devices on the road. Hands free calling and texting are now the legal, and safer, alternative to this dangerous activity. However, when used improperly, these systems can be equally dangerous.

This new technology and the associated risks have not gone unnoticed by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. In 2012 they laid out a proposal for manufactures to refer to when designing these devices. Mainly that these devices should maintain a reasonable level of complexity and only display necessary information. They should also not take the driver’s attention for more than 2 seconds or require more than one hand to operate. Following these guidelines is still optional for automakers, since this is only a proposal for change.

Since there are no laws that govern the use and content of these systems, does that leave manufacturers free of liability for accidents that may result? Not necessarily. Court cases surrounding these circumstances are growing, and with them come precedents that will affect the outcomes of future cases. Don’t assume that you are fully liable for an accident, just because one of these devices caused you to be distracted.If you have been involved in any type of auto accident, call the Law Office of Gregory Chancy today at (770) 627-3221

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Motorcycles can be a ton of fun to ride, especially during these hot summer days. Every day riders jump on their bikes and head out on the open road. But, along with the thrill of riding, comes increased risk of accidents and serious injury.

Motorcycle fatalities in Georgia have steadily risen every year since 2013, accounting for approximately 10-12% of all traffic fatalities*. This a concerning statistic considering motor cycles make up for a rather small percentage of the total vehicles on the roadways.

Motorcycles are less visible that passenger vehicles. Even a rider who is following all traffic regulations can be at risk since other drivers simply may not see them. Here we’ll be discussing some of the most common circumstances under which motorcycle accidents occur.


Speeding can be very dangerous, and some riders may not even realize they’re doing it. How can you speed without knowing it you may ask? Well, even driving at the posted speed limit may be dangerous under certain road conditions and in turns or curves. Riders should stay aware of road surface conditions and watch their speed when on roads with twists.

When driving a passenger vehicle, of course you should also avoid speeding. The result of a speeding car that collides with a motorcycle can be tragic and often cause fatalities.

Driving Under the Influence

Driving under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs is always dangerous. When motorcycles are also involved, the possibility of serious injury or death increase dramatically. In many places, DUI is the leading cause of motorcycle accidents.

Alcohol and drugs can delay your reaction time and impair your judgement. That, along with lowered inhibitions and increased chance of reckless behavior, are a recipe for disaster.

Lane Splitting

When a motorcycle drives between the designated lanes, usually in the space between cars sitting in traffic, this is known as splitting lanes. While legal in some states, lane splitting is illegal in the state of Georgia. For obvious reasons, this type of driving can be very dangerous. Reduced space and lowered visibility greatly increase a rider’s risk of being involved in an accident.

The bottom line is, while motorcycles can be a great hobby, they are not to be taken lightly. If you ride, you have a personal responsibility to do so as safely as possible. Even though an accident may not be your fault, it could have serious consequences.

If you’ve been involved in any type of accident, call the Law Offices of Gregory Chancy today at 770-627-3221.

*Governor’s Office Of Highway Safety In Georgia. (n.d.). Retrieved from https://www.gahighwaysafety.org/research/motorcycles-statistics/

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It’s no secret that traffic is a serious issue in Atlanta and the surrounding areas. One common cause is stalled vehicles in the roadway. The first things that come to mind with a stalled vehicle are the delays, inconvenience, and costly repairs that come with a breakdown. However, the potential risk of injury and death in these situations is a much more serious concern.

Stalled vehicles create significant danger, for both to the occupants of the incapacitated vehicle and other drivers. Even the most attentive drivers could be caught off guard by the sudden need to stop or change lanes to avoid a stopped vehicle on the interstate, and with the increase in distracted driving, they may never even see it coming. If your vehicle has stalled and it is not safe or possible to move it yourself, it is important that you understand how to get out of the situation without harm to yourself or others.

There is a service that operates in Atlanta specifically for the purpose of clearing roadways so that traffic flow can return to normal. The Highway Emergency Response Operators, or HERO for short, are available 24/7. They can be reached by dialing 5-1-1. Obviously if you have been in an accident, then you should contact emergency services. But, if your vehicle has simply become immovable, HERO can get it out of harm’s way so that you can make arrangements to have it towed to a shop or your home.


The driver experiencing the mechanical problem and other drivers have to play a role in avoiding stall-related accidents. These are some simple strategies that should be regular practice for all drivers.

  • Keep ample distance between yourself and the vehicle in front of you.
  • Stay aware of your safest route to avoid a possible accident or breakdown that occurs in your line of travel.
  • Pay to attention to other drivers around you, lookout for signs that they may make a sudden lane change or suffer a malfunction.
  • Do not make assumptions that other drivers will attempt to avoid an accident or stalled vehicle.

The first step in managing mechanical failures, is avoiding them. While there are some things you can never predict, routine maintenance can eliminate many possible failures. Here are some things any driver can do, despite your level of knowledge about cars.

  • Check your tire pressure regularly.
  • Inspect your tires for wear and damage, such as punctures and bubbling or gouged sidewalls.
  • Monitor your fluid levels. Your oil and coolant can be easily checked and are vital to the vehicle functioning properly.
  • Gauges and warning lights will also alert you if you have an issue arising. Know what these gauges mean, and what they read under normal circumstances. If you have a check engine light on, you can have it diagnosed for free at most auto parts stores.

Despite your best efforts, problems may still arise. The following will help you handle this situation as safely as possible.

  • Use you hazard lights to alert other drivers.
  • Remain calm and avoid sudden or abrupt movements.
  • Avoid sudden hard braking, especially in the event of a tire blowout. Allow the car to naturally decelerate.

If unable to get to the shoulder or out of traffic, use the following tips.

  • Use your hazard lights and make sure you are visible to other drivers.
  • Contact roadside services. Again, HERO can assist you free of charge. Dial 5-1-1.
  • Before exiting the vehicle, make certain that you can do so safely. If possible, use road flares to make yourself more visible.
  • Do not attempt to repair or push the vehicle in traffic.
  • If you determine the safest action to take is staying in your vehicle, keep your seatbelt fastened.

If you have been injured in any type of vehicle accident, contact the Law Office of Gregory Chancy today.

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How to Avoid Denied Claims

After an automotive accident, you are going to need to file a claim with the other party’s insurance provider. This is necessary to recoup funds from medical treatment, missed work, and damages that you are entitled too. The hard truth is, claims can be denied for a variety of reasons. Luckily, by understanding the reasons claims may be denied, you can avoid the common pitfalls.

It Could be Determined that the Accident Was Avoidable

If you could have somehow avoided the accident and you did not take action to do so, this would be grounds to deny the claim. Also, if your actions directly caused the accident, this would be reason for denial.

Report Accidents as Soon as Possible

Every policy will have stipulations regarding when an accident should be reported.  If you do not adhere to the required timeframe, the provider could deny your claim. Since these rules can vary, always report an accident immediately.

Seek Medical Treatment Immediately

Do not delay when it comes to seeking medical help after an accident. This can cause a claim to be denied, but more importantly, could put your health at risk. If it becomes necessary to seek a settlement for injuries you sustained, the medical records will show that treatment began after, and was received during the accident. If you fail to get medical treatment right after your accident, the insurance company may deny your claim altogether. The insurer may say that your injuries were not a result of the accident. That they were due to preexisting conditions. That they are not as severe as you claim, or that they simply don’t exist.

Insufficient Insurance Coverage

Serious injuries resulting from a car accident are expensive. If these costs exceed the policy’s coverage, the claims can be denied. They could also be denied if the coverage has reached it’s limits, or the policy does not carry the proper coverage for the incident.

Driver Excluded from the Policy

If the driver at fault for the accident is not on the car insurance policy, your claim will be denied. In the event that the insurance provider excludes the at-fault driver from a policy due to his or her poor driving record, your claim will be also denied.

Violating Laws and Negligent Driving

If you were found to be in violation of any traffic laws, your claim will be denied. Driving recklessly, aggressively, while distracted, or under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol will be immediate cause for a denial.

Get Help Today

If your car accident insurance claim was denied, you should seek legal representation. Contact the Law Office of Gregory Chancy today for a consultation.

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Distracted walking has become a significant public safety concern in recent years. The National Safety Council has recently added distracted walking to its injury categories because the problem has become so noticeable.

While the law recognizes that pedestrians have the right of way, it is still up to them to do their part and remain alert when walking near traffic.

The risk of injury is higher when crossing the street at intersections, even if they are in a crosswalk. Walking on the sidewalk can also be hazardous if motorists and pedestrians alike are not aware of their surroundings or are distracted by their phones, companions or passengers, or for any other reason.


Distracted walking increases the risk of a serious injury accident. Being hit by a vehicle is likely to result in severe and possibly fatal injury for a pedestrian, but vehicles aren’t the only danger. Injury by tripping and falling is also a serious concern

Medical bills, lost time from work and missed wages, and other physical and financial consequences of a distracted walking accident are simply not worth the risk. It is better to focus on getting to your destination safely. Once you arrive, you can take the time to call, text, use social media, or any other activity that might distract you while walking.


There are always risks when walking near traffic, but the risk of an injury accident increases exponentially if you are distracted. Many dangerous accidents can be prevented by following some simple walking safety tips:

  • Don’t look at your phone while walking.
  • Avoid other distracting activities.
  • Focus on getting to your destination.
  • Be alert and aware of your surroundings.
  • Only cross the street at controlled points.
  • Look both ways before crossing the street.
  • Make eye contact with the drivers of cars around you.

Young people under the age of 25 are more likely to be distracted by technology while walking. Texting while walking ordinances have been implemented in several cities around the country. So far, no states have adopted these kinds of laws, so it is up to the individual to pay attention while walking and avoid careless drivers.

If you have been injured in a pedestrian accident, contact us immediately.

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While driving your vehicle safely is important and necessary, many factors on the roads are out of your control. You simply cannot control or predict what other drivers are going to do. However, there are some things you can do to protect yourself. Specifically, when driving near 18 wheelers.

Tractor trailers and other commercial vehicles can weigh more 80,000 pounds. Some of these are hauling flammable or hazardous materials. Others are carrying heavy equipment, often secured by the vehicle’s operator, who may be working more hours than allowed, leaving them under rested. While most truck drivers abide by the regulations of their industry and obey traffic laws, there are some who follow unsafe practices on a regular basis. This can cause accidents which almost always result in serious injury.

Whether you are heading out on a road trip, or just your daily highway commute, you will be sharing the road with commercial haulers. The following are tips to help keep you and your passengers safe.

Keep a safe braking distance when following trucks.

If you are within one or two car lengths of the back of a semi-truck, the driver likely cannot see you. This is one of these large trucks many blind spots. A trucker who gets tired behind the wheel may suddenly brake out of panic. These vehicles also take longer to stop, requiring the driver to get on the brakes hard in a situation where something is obstructing their path. Regardless of the reason for their stop, if you have not left yourself ample distance, you could end up under the back of the trailer.

Be aware of, and avoid, blind spots.

Along with the area directly to the rear of the trailer, trucks also have large blind spots on their sides and directly in front. Many trucks have signs that will warn you that you are in an area where their visibility is low. However, an impaired or overworked driver may not even bother to look. Best to fully avoid these areas when possible. When passing, do not linger and stay alert.

Do not pass a semi-truck on the right.

Directly beside the right side of these vehicles is the most dangerous area to be. Attempting to pass on the right puts you at serious risk. Trucks make wide right turns. One of the most common type of accident occurs when a right turning truck runs over a vehicle in this blind spot. Always pass on the left and watch for turn signals on large trucks.

Beyond the inherent danger of traveling near semi-trucks, are the risks that operators are known to take. These drivers work long hours and often spend many months on the road. Along with physical fatigue, truckers may also be under emotional stresses being away from family for extended periods of time. The trailers may be overloaded or hauling dangerous chemicals. Any number of these factors could be occurring simultaneously.

Don’t take any risks. Drive carefully, be alert, give them space.

If you or a loved one have been involved in an accident with a tractor trailer or other commercial vehicle, call the Law Offices of Gregory Chancy today at 770-427-3221.

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One common misconception about personal injury claims, is that part of the process will include the inconvenience of appearing in court. The reality is, only 5% of personal injury claims ever go to trial. The vast majority are settled out of court.

The end goal of moving forward with a personal injury claim is to receive financial compensation for damages caused by the responsible party. If you were injured in a motor vehicle accident and can demonstrate that the negligence of another party caused the injuries, you may have a valid personal injury case.

While this is a legal action, 95% of personal injury cases are settled without ever going to court. Even though very few cases ever make it to trial, it is still very important to choose a knowledgeable and experienced attorney to represent you. A good attorney will be prepared and show that you will try the case if necessary. This is instrumental as insurance companies work hard to be aware of lawyers who will settle for less just to avoid a trial.

In terms of settlement, the two parties are trying to determine what a jury would award in a trial setting.  Most cases settle out of court because, once the facts are known, most reasonable lawyers can agree on what a jury will likely do.

Given all of the complex questions and considerations involved in each case or claim, you should find an experienced personal injury or car accident lawyer to speak with about your case.

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While the term “damages” gets thrown around a lot when discussing personal injury, it’s meaning may not be entirely clear to some people. It is typically associated with loss from “pain and suffering”. This is a type of damage, but there are others. As a legal term, damages refer to both the loss that may be suffered from an accident, and the compensation that is received once the loss is proved.

Why is this important?

Certainly, the goal of a personal injury lawyer is to hold a party accountable for negligence that lead to the injury of a second party. Justice would hardly be served if the injured party simply received an apology and the assurance that they wronged. If you are hurt because of someone’s carelessness, you deserve to be restored. The justice system relies on the fact that if you are violated in some way, you have the right to be vindicated.

Personal injury lawsuits are commonly criticized as outrageous “get rich quick” schemes that serve more to benefit the attorney, than the Plaintiff. Financial restitution is not a perfect tool for awarding justice, but it is the closest remedy we have in today’s society. History teaches us that without a civilized system for such grievances, individuals will seek vengeance as their own form of justice. Labeling lawsuits and damages as a pursuit of personal gain, minimizes the suffering of the victim, as well as all the modern, civilized culture that these particular laws have afforded us. In a modern society, damages represent the peak of our imperfect attempts to achieve justice.

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First Offense DUI


Were you pulled over and arrested for Driving Under the Influence? Here’s what you need to know about a First Offense DUI.

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On behalf of Law Office of Gregory Chancy posted in semitruck accident injuries on Friday, December 14, 2018.

The Georgia roadways are rife with large trucks making deliveries and performing other necessary tasks. There is no doubt there is great benefit to these vehicles. They provide jobs for drivers and businesses and individuals get their items in short order. However, that does not eliminate the risk that accompanies these vehicles. With that risk, there can be accidents. Those who have been impacted by such an accident must remember their right to consider a legal filing for compensation.

Since they travel such great distances to, from and through Georgia and are often operating on strict deadlines with the drivers potentially earning more when they get their cargo to its destination as quickly as possible, drivers might take liberties with the federal and state laws mandating required safety procedures. This can cause semitruck accident injuries and fatalities.

Some driver behaviors can include using drugs to remain awake or to get to sleep quickly during rest periods. It might involve drinking and driving. Drivers might go well beyond the posted speed limits, overload their vehicles or commit other illegal acts. They will frequently drive while distracted. The vehicle could have a mechanical problem or design flaw. There might simply be an accident due to weather and circumstances beyond their control. Regardless of how and why the accident happened, people who are in smaller vehicles or are pedestrians will face severe injuries and death as a result.

Injuries can result in a long hospital stay with the accompanying medical expenses for surgeries, treatment and rehabilitation. Lost wages can drain a person’s bank account and lead to them falling behind on paying bills. Their families could be deprived of the contribution of a loved one. When there is a fatal accident, there will be funeral expenses, emotional, financial and personal losses. When these accidents occur, having legal assistance to investigate the case from the perspective of the victim and the victim’s family is critical. Marietta, Georgia, semitruck accident injury lawyers can help with all aspects of the case.

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