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Computer Sex Crimes Arrest In Georgia

Georgia Computer Sex Crimes

Cobb County Sex Crimes Defense Attorney

Are you facing sex charges in Georgia?  Thanks to modern technology, social media and countless online forums, it has become easier to get enveloped in online activities of all sorts. It has also become easier to become the target of online sexual criminal accusations.

Whether you are browsing the internet for personal use like lingerie images or swimsuit models, it is vital to vigilan at the links that you click while surfing the web.  The chances that you could land on some type of click funnel that drags your browser into a situation that involves illegal pornography, like child porn, or underage teens is very high. Law enforcement in the state of Georgia as well as nationwide conduct a variety of operations online and their net is liable to cast you in it.

Illegal Computer Sexual Activity Online

As previously mentioned, there are any number of online undercover law enforcement agencies circulating the internet at any given moment in order to catch predators to facilitate arrests of those seeking to conduct illegal activities with underage teenager and children, and for that reason, at any moment, your click on any unknown link can lead you down a rabbit hole that can change you life forever.

If you are facing charges in the state of Georgia for an internet sex crim, your very future is on the line. Without immediate and aggressive representation, you could be facing decades in prison, fines, the loss of your family, friends, employment and quality of life. Aside from the latter, your alleged actions will directly impact all of your loved ones as well as anyone associated with you. An internet sex crime charge can end with your name on a lifetime sex offender registry.

Get Immediate Criminal Defense Help In Cobb County

Before you give up and lose hope, before you go ahead and resolve that your life is over, contact experienced Sex Crimes defense attorney Gregory Cobb. He has served the Cobb County community and the surrounding area with superior criminal defense and will fight to clear your name, attain a dismissal, aquital or reduced penalties depending on the circumstances surrounding your case. There is always hope with an aggressive attorney and intelligent strategies to fight for your freedom.

Computer Sex Crimes in Georgia

You can fall prey to and land in hot water as a result a number of online activities, especially those related to minors such as:

  • Online solicitation of sex with a minor
  • Possession of any child pornography
  • Lewd Conduct related to a Minor
  • Distribution of Child Pornography
  • Making arrangments to meet a Minor
  • Salatious material or sexual material sent to or shared with a minor
  • Explotation of Children
  • Molestation of a Child
  • Solicitation of a sex worker/prostitute

Defenses Against Georgia Computer Sex Crimes

While you are innocent until proven guilty, the fact is, cases involving sex and minors are treated quite differently within law enforcement and in the public domain. For these reasons, you need to speak with an attorney immediately.  Your conviction requires that the prosecution prove that a law was intentionally broken. Did you know that clicking on a link would take you to child porn? Were you aware that the person you were set to meet was underage?

Unfortunately for you, it is much easier to prove that you are guilty and therefore, you should never speak to any law enforcement without an attorney present. Your words and actions can and will be used against you. In a large number of cases, the person charged is not even the owner of the computer or wasn’t even aware that such information or content was downloaded onto their computer or exists in the browser history. In addition, a mistaken link click that downloads malware containing such content could easily be loaded onto you computer without your knowledge.  Get ahead of your defense by speaking to a Cobb County Criminal Defense Attorney today and get the help and support that you and your family will need during this difficult time.

By : Cobb Defense | August 28, 2020 | Criminal Defense

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