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What Happens If You’re Pulled Over By Law Enforcement?

Posted on : February 16, 2020
A law enforcement officer pulling you over is a jarring experience to say the least. Regardless of how old you are or how long you have been driving, the physical act of being pulled over by a police siren and flashing lights is nothing to look forward to. Here’s what you need to know about Read More

Reckless Driving In Georgia

Posted on : January 16, 2020
Have you been accused of reckless driving in Cobb County? Reckless driving is a serious and often costly offense. In addition to facing criminal charges, you may also be subjected to hefty fines, penalties and even jail time.  Your charges will ultimately depend on the circumstances surrounding your case.  Was there alcohol or controlled substances Read More

Are There Different Forms of Distracted Driving?

Posted on : December 13, 2019
While texting and driving is the most well-known type of distraction (and arguably the most dangerous), there are multiple forms of distracted driving that should be guarded against. Here are four types of distracted driving that you should be aware of, how to reduce distractions behind the wheel, and how to get legal help after Read More

What To Expect In A Georgia DUI

Posted on : November 12, 2019
Driving Under The Influence In Georgia It is easy for a routine stop to escalate where a DUI is concerned.  Being pulled over by law enforcement can cause extreme fear and anxiety in the moments that follow. It is important to try to remain as calm as possible when you have been pulled over under Read More

Domestic Violence

Posted on : October 25, 2019
What happens when a domestic dispute goes wrong? High Family Tensions There is no doubt that tensions can run high when it comes to disagreements and arguments combined with escalating tempers in familial situations. A simple discussion can get away from you and that can lead to yelling and shouting and before you know it, Read More

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Cobb County Drug Charges
By Cobb Defense
Posted December 14, 2020
When A Noise Complaint Goes Wrong

From Noise Call To Criminal Charges How easy is it to get arrested for criminal charges in Georgia? It’s as simple as the title implies.  You can find yourself in attendance at an event or gathering and end up in handcuffs before the day is over. In Recent News You may have caught the local Read More

By Cobb Defense
Posted November 18, 2020
Do I Have to Take the Stand at My Criminal Trial?

Despite what many people assume — arguably the result of popular television shows and other media — it’s quite rare that a criminal defendant will take the stand in their own case. Not only is it not necessary, but it also has the potential to radically damage the case. Here’s what you need to know Read More

By Cobb Defense
Posted October 8, 2020
What Is An Arraignment?

An arraignment is one of the first steps of the criminal process in Georgia. Here’s what you should know about arraignments and when to get legal help from an attorney you can trust.  Arraignments Defined  An arraignment is a criminal hearing that takes place soon after you are arrested. At the hearing, you’ll be informed Read More

Marietta Car Accident Injury
By Cobb Defense
Posted September 22, 2020
Why Should You Work With a Personal Injury Lawyer?

Often, accident victims wonder if hiring a lawyer is the right move after being injured. Here are some reasons people hire personal injury attorneys and how you can get quality legal support after being injured.  To Better Understand Your Rights After an Injury   First, it’s important that you have at least basic knowledge of what Read More