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Protesting In Georgia


Am I Allowed To Protest In Georgia?

The First Amendment allows you to have the right to free speech as well as to protest peacefully (peaceful assembly) and while this is your right; it is important that you understand that the same amendment that allows you the freedom of speech, peacefully protest and address the government with your concerns, also allows law enforcement to maintain reasonable regulations during times of protest.

What Is Considered A “Peaceful Assembly”?

Under the law, peaceful assembly covers a variety of activities. So what actions does it cover?

  • Giving and Making Speeches
  • Holding peaceful rallies
  • The ability to picket
  • Passing out flyers
  • Collect signatures for your cause

The activities that are allowed under the First Amendment exempt any language the incites violence, intents to cause harm, or violate any laws. Provocative speech or text that instigates violence or harm is illegal.

Where Can I Peacefully Assemble?

Peaceful assembly locations depend on the state and are generally regulated through different local government agencies on the local level. In the state of Georgia, you can generally exercise your right to peacefully assemble on sidewalks, in public parks, and other public locations. In some cases, you may be required to obtain a permit, and not doing so would be illegal.

What You Are Not Allowed To Do

The First Amendment does not protect you if your speech incites, instigates or intends threats of violence, violation of laws, harm and injury to others, and physical violence on persons or property.

Crossing The Threshold Into Illegal Activity

While protesting is allowed and you may follow all of the legal guidelines, there may be specific locality guidelines with respect to hours and locations– and even in the most peaceful of protests, if you violate those local ordinances like permits and curfews or a dispersal order, all of which can cross the threshold into illegal activity, that unlawful activity can lead to your arrest.

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By : Cobb Defense | June 9, 2020 | Criminal Defense

DUI During Upcoming Father’s Day Holiday


DUI: Preparing For The Upcoming Fathers Day Celebration

Despite facing a Covid-19 Pandemic, many of us will undoubtedly be on the road for Father’s Day.  Restrictions are being lifted in many areas and many of us feel safe enough to interact with the family.  It may be the first time that some of us are out with family and it’s easy to get carried away. Keep in mind that law enforcement will be out in full force.  Police may be out on the roads more visibly due to the recent activity and events in many major cities where protestors are exercising their right to protest, in that same fashion that they are out on full patrols, you may also expect some sobriety points in and around town while traveling.

Facing A DUI

While no one actually sets out with the expectation of getting a DUI, life happens and mistakes happen and therefore, it is best to be prepared. If you end up imbibing a bit too much while out celebrating fathers day and the little bit of freedom afforded to you to take a break away from quarantining in the home, that is understandable, however, you may end up facing DUI charges if you are pulled over under the suspicion of driving under the influence. Because of changes in bond guidelines, expect wait times when attempting to bond out as you will now have to appear before a judge before you have the ability to get released from jail. This means that Father’s Day lands on a Sunday and you may not be able to get out of jail until the weekday.  Also, keep in mind that there may be limited staff due to the Covid-19 pandemic, and the wait time maybe even longer.

Get Ahead Of Your Defense

It is vital that you get started on your defense as soon as possible.  An experienced criminal defense lawyer will be able to investigate the evidence against you as well as details and circumstances surrounding your arrest. Every element involved in your case will be reviewed with a fine-tooth comb in or to be able to strategize with you for the best possible outcome.  Contact me today for immediate assistance.

By : Cobb Defense | June 8, 2020 | DUI

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