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Domestic Violence


What happens when a domestic dispute goes wrong?

High Family Tensions

There is no doubt that tensions can run high when it comes to disagreements and arguments combined with escalating tempers in familial situations. A simple discussion can get away from you and that can lead to yelling and shouting and before you know it, the police have been called and are standing at your front door.

Here’s the thing about family tension and arguments though, once law enforcement is called, what was once a small argument that snowballed into a larger disagreement and spiraled out of control, is now a lifechanging event and you may not be able to turn the hands of time back to change the circumstances yet to come.

Once law enforcement intervenes in a family dispute, it can quickly escalate to a domestic violence charge.

Make no mistake about it; having the police show up at your door can go one of two ways:

  • Either they understand that a neighbor misconstrued what they heard and complete a quick check to see that all is well. Once they confirm that all is well, they move on leaving your family intact.
  • Unfortunately, it can go south pretty quickly if tempers are still running high by the time law enforcement arrives. If any party involved says too much or gives the impression that all is not well, one of the parties involved may leave in handcuffs thereby, changing your family dynamic for ever.

Law Enforcement May Be Forced To Make An Arrest

In some cases, law enforcement officers may not be satisfied with any explanations provided to them and choose to file charges. This is also the case if one makes an accusation against another out of spite, law enforcement will have no choice but to make an arrest.  

You Can’t Take It Back

Later, if that party chooses to change the statement, it may be too late as the state can often continue to prosecute a party without the cooperation of the accuser. Once you accuse a family member of domestic violence, it can be almost impossible to take it back.  The cats out of the bag so-to-speak and law enforcement often may believe that a person is changing their story out of fear.  

Consequences Of Domestic Violence Charges

Not only is a domestic violence charge lifechanging, under the Family Violence laws in the state of Georgia, if convicted you can face felony charges, fines, jail time and orders of protection among other penalties. Family violence is considered criminal behavior and thus, you will have a permanent conviction on your record that can affect employment and educational opportunities. 

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By : Cobb Defense | October 25, 2019 | Domestic Violence

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