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Marijuana Possession

Were you arrested for Marijuana Possession in Georgia?

There are various fines and penalties associated with a possession charge, all of which depend on the level of offense and quantity of possession. In the state of Georgia, Marijuana is considered a controlled substance and is governed by Georgia Code 16-13-1. While there are states in the US that are moving towards legalizing Marijuana, often for medicinal purposes, in the state of Georgia, the possession of Marijuana constitutes a crime. 

Personal Use & Driving Under The Influence Of Marijuana

Regardless of whether you have marijuana on your person for personal use, or have been pulled over and have been found to be under the influence of marijuana, you can be charged with a crime.  Driving under the influence of Marijuana is considered a DUI Charge and carries serious fines and penalties.

What Are The Penalties For Marijuana Possession?

In the state of Georgia, there is no difference between possessing marijuana for personal use or possessing marijuana with the intent to distribute it. For the purpose of allocating your charges and sentencing you, one class of possession is not different than the other. Possession is possession regardless of the purpose.

Quantity In Possession

If you are found with up to ten pounds of marijuana, you can be charged with a felony charge and face a possible sentence of up to ten years in jail.  The sentence, fines, and penalties are incremental with add-on offenses and can be more severe if:

  • there is a minor involved
  • the offense occurred in a drug-free zone
  • if this is a subsequent offense


If you are found with over ten pounds of marijuana this would be considered trafficking in marijuana. The punishment is incremental to the quantity involved.  As the quantity increases, so too do the fines, penalties and jail time. In most cases, there will be mandatory prison sentencing and fines that can be tens of thousands of dollars.

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