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One common misconception about personal injury claims, is that part of the process will include the inconvenience of appearing in court. The reality is, only 5% of personal injury claims ever go to trial. The vast majority are settled out of court.

The end goal of moving forward with a personal injury claim is to receive financial compensation for damages caused by the responsible party. If you were injured in a motor vehicle accident and can demonstrate that the negligence of another party caused the injuries, you may have a valid personal injury case.

While this is a legal action, 95% of personal injury cases are settled without ever going to court. Even though very few cases ever make it to trial, it is still very important to choose a knowledgeable and experienced attorney to represent you. A good attorney will be prepared and show that you will try the case if necessary. This is instrumental as insurance companies work hard to be aware of lawyers who will settle for less just to avoid a trial.

In terms of settlement, the two parties are trying to determine what a jury would award in a trial setting.  Most cases settle out of court because, once the facts are known, most reasonable lawyers can agree on what a jury will likely do.

Given all of the complex questions and considerations involved in each case or claim, you should find an experienced personal injury or car accident lawyer to speak with about your case.

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