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On behalf of Law Office of Gregory Chancy posted in motorcycle accident injuries on Thursday, November 29, 2018.

Motorcyclists in Georgia will face inherent dangers when out on the road. Given the way drivers of conventional vehicles will frequently ignore them or fail to see them as they are sharing the road, there can be motorcycle accident injuries and death after crashes. This can happen to anyone, not just the civilian motorcycle enthusiast. Law enforcement officers are often stationed on motorcycles and they can suffer the same problems as anyone else. When there is a motorcycle crash, they too have the right to seek compensation in a legal filing.

An accident between two law enforcement officers who were on motorcycles and a vehicle injured them. The accident occurred at an intersection. The officers were riding north when a vehicle turned into their path. There was a collision. The driver stayed at the site of the crash. Citations for an improper left turn and failing to adhere to a traffic device were given. The officers were shaken and had pain. They were taken to the hospital where they were said to be in stable condition. The driver was not injured.

Whether it is part of a person’s job or a leisure activity, there is no doubt that being on a motorcycle carries with it a semblance of risk to the rider. Because they are lacking in the protection that a person in a motor vehicle has, any crash can lead to serious injuries and death. However, that does not mean there is an excuse for drivers to behave negligently, recklessly or commit other violations when behind the wheel and place motorcyclists in jeopardy. With the injuries, lost time on the job and other problems that stem from motorcycle accident injuries, legal help can be imperative to be compensated.

Two law enforcement officers who were riding motorcycles on duty were injured when a vehicle turned in front of them. The driver of the vehicle received citations and the officers were hospitalized. As the investigation moves forward, the officers must bear in mind that they have rights to file a lawsuit. Calling an attorney who is experienced in motorcycle accident injuries is critical to filing a case.

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One of the most difficult kinds of auto accidents with injuries is to a child. It can be complicated when the child is not initially believed to have been injured. However, there are times when a person could believe he or she is fine and then later has pain in several areas of the body because of the impact. Some injuries take time to show themselves – often these are of the soft tissue variety – but it can be to other parts of the body with broken bones, spinal cord damage, head injuries and more. Before letting the incident go, it is important for those who were in a crash to speak to a legal professional. This is of specific importance when it was a child pedestrian.An alleged DUI driver crashed into a series of vehicles in a parking lot and sent one into a child. Despite the report that the child did not suffer serious injuries, it remains important that his family have him checked by a medical professional and they discuss the case with Marietta, Georgia, auto accident injury attorneys. A legal filing can still be brought to get compensation for the physical and emotional damage he might have suffered.

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